Sunday Service 9th February 2020

Twenty six people attended our service today which was led by Lorraine Henshaw. The theme for February being LOVE.. Contributors today included Eric, Maureen , Tina and Dave Preston delivering the message “All You Need Is Love.” The presentation included The Beatles singing All you need is love, and a comprehensive set of slides with key bible references to LOVE, particularly the Two Commandments in the NEW Testament that you should Love God with all your heart, with all your soul and all your mind. Secondly to love your neighbour as yourself. A part of the service was set aside for Trisha Cox who was attending her last BCF meeting before going back to the UK permanently. Prayers and Poetry were said and a laying on of hands was carried out. After the service tea and coffee were served and fellowship took place. Twelve then adjourned for lunch at Monroe’s Carvery. Later in the afternoon tea and chocolate cake was supplied at Glynis’s home whilst a film was shown. Overall a very special Sunday with a lot of LOVE

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